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Reltronics Technologies is dedicated to maximizing our customers’ profits through our innovative usage of GPS and wireless technologies. Whether we are helping reduce fuel expenditure through GPS vehicle monitoring, or increasing employee efficiency by allowing dispatchers to “see” the vehicle every moment or by on-site remote data transfer via wireless technology, our innovations are sure to encourage a smoother running and more refined operation.

Reltronics Technologies is equipped to aid in the following commercial and industrial fields:






Public Utilities

…And many more.


Reltronics Technologies offers a wide array of wireless remote monitoring technologies compatible with virtually any sensor suite. Our ReALTrack software is designed to take any and all gathered data from the remote systems and organize it on one central databank for easy viewing and monitoring from any internet access point. Additionally, if any sensor reading goes outside of its allowable parameters, such as a back-hoe’s engine overheating or sudden drop in water pressure in a farm’s watering system, an SMS text alert may be sent out automatically to a number of cell phones so as to minimize any loss of revenue.

The future is remote monitoring and remote access; areas in which Reltronics Technologies wireless and GPS systems are designed to aid in almost any Industrial or commercial setting with customized solutions for optimizing revenue.