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Reltronics Technologies GPS Tracking system allows companies and individuals to track their vehicles anytime anywhere in the world, giving them the ability to view their vehicles current locations in real time an also the ability to see the past locations of the vehicles as well.
In order to do this Reltronics Technologies offers the SmartInstrumentTM, a radio frequency and wireless based GPS Tracker. While the SmartInstrumentTM can automatically track vehicles, it can also track the vehicle content, enhance efficiency, improve safety and customer service. 

Reltronics provides easy to use web based interface allows you to view the location of your vehicles from anywhere with internet access, there are no software downloads required, just log in using your user name and password and you are able to view the current location and past location of the vehicles in your fleet.

The SmartInstrumentTM has one of the simplest interfaces in the market and has received rave reviews for the operability and functionality of its features. The Smart Instrument is certified by AT&T and certified to transmit data over the AT&T network utilizing AT&T’s many satellites throughout the country allowing quick transmission of data.

The SmartInstrumentTM turn-key system includes hardware interface and training and enables users with the most data, using the least amount of effort, at a reasonable cost. Information becomes available on the vehicles from any location

• Automatic and continuous GPRS connection management

• Reliable TCP/IP connectivity over GPRS network

• Excellent GPS sensitivity

• Built-in memory & data log and automatic resending mechanism

• Internal Ni-MH backup battery

• Smart tracking feature to save GPRS cost

• GPS odometer and mileage report

• Geofence and parking-fence

• RFID Reader for driver identification

• Remote Controller and Immobilizer

• Automotive standard surge protection

Reltronics Technologies strives for excellence with its equipment and with the SmartInstrumentTM you have many options of what equipment you want to integrate with your GPS system, from the basic tracking system for individuals families to the more complicated systems used by large companies and government offices with the implementation of our RFID services the list of equipment to integrate into Reltronics GPS system is large and includes.

• SmartInstrumentTM GPS Tracker

• ReALTrack-Web Monitoring Access

• GSM/GPRS SIM-Card (AT&T Data card)

• Immobilizer -12V Wiring Harness

• Anti-Theft Pressure Sensor

• Solar Power Panel

• Temperature Sensor

• Immobilizer -24V Wiring Harness

• Radio Frequency Tags

• Radio Frequency Reader

• Back-up Battery

• Keypad with Display for Driver Status

• Door Open Latch Sensor

• GPS Antenna

• Panic Button

• Various types of GSM/GPS Antennas

There are many benefits that come from choosing Reltronics Technologies GPS Tracking system and the SmartInstrumentTM . It can help greatly to improve your company and also includes many other benefits featured by the SmartInstrumentTM including,
The combination of GPS and Wireless technologies,

• The units ability to Summon Ambulance or Police as required.

• Provide you with daily, weekly, monthly reports

• Enables purchase efficiency

• Ascertains cost-effective maintenance

• Optionally identifies & verifies vehicle content

• Closely monitors movement

• Reduces fuel consumption

• Allows lock-in/lock-out feature

• Sends event signals (e.g., break-in, theft)

• Can use a Solar Panel for charging

• Has Worldwide Certified Communication

• Improves & Enhances utilization of vehicles

• Has a sensitive detector of tracker mounted devices in to foliage/dense-urban areas

• Can clearly decipher differences in vehicles

All of these benefits are offered by the SmartInstrumentTM and Reltronics GPS tracking system and could benefit your company vehicles in many ways.
The SmartInstrumentTM Unit has many features that can be integrated to your company’s tracking system. The features that the SmartInstrumentTM offers are;

    • 2- Way Dispatch & Messaging: The capability of the device of being able to send and receive messages from and to the vehicle. This is through an integrated keypad.

    • Automated Email Report Delivery: The capability of the web-interface or the tracking softwat to automatically send out status reports via email at prescribed times set to the device.

    • Real Time Alerts: The capability of the device to alert individuals in real time when specific instances take place ex. Theft, Diagnostics, Entering an area they are not suppose to be in.

    • User Defined Reports: The capability of the system to allow users to customize the available reports prior to having them sent out.

    • Vehicle Maintenance: The capability of the device to alert the user and diagnose the engine issues remotely utilizing on-board diagnostics.

    • Vehicle Routing and Directions: The capability of the device to provide routing and directions via either keypad display or voice commands.

    • Accessable in locations without Power: The capability of the device to work with alternate sources of energy, especially solar or long-range batteries.

    • Archived Historical Data: The capability of the software to store long-term history of the pathways & have the data available at a future date.

    • Customer User Accounts: The capability to provide a dedicated interface for each user.

    • Integrated Content Management: The capability of the device to allow views specific to the user type (admin, power-user, or end-user).

    • Lock-in/Lock-out: The capability of the system to lock-in or lock-out a vehicle; lock-in pertains to releasing the door locks; lock-out pertains to making the vehicle inaccessible.

    • Logical Interface: The capability of the software interface to have high usability or appeal and for ease in navigation for all users.

    • Monitoring of Multiple Devices: The capability of the web-software interface to display multiple vehicles each carrying a device.

    • No Software Procurement: The availability of the web-software that does not require any software application to be installed on a single machine.

    • One Consolidated Monthly Bill: The capability of the system to consolidate the monthly billing of many accounts on one bill (if the user has multiple accounts)

    • Anti-Theft Pressue Sensor Integration: The capability of the device to sense a sudden change in pressue within the cabin in case of a break-in due to window shattering.

    • Real Time Updates: The capability of the system to provide real-time updates of the vehicles/devices with no logical lag in the movement compared to the display, (as the vehicle moves, the icon on the computer representing the vehicle moves).

    • Seamless Integration with RFID: The capability of the system to allow for content monitoring, driver authentication, passenger identification, etc. with the use of automatic radio-frequency identification (RFID) and utilizing either a proximity or a high-power reader.

    • Skype Integration: The capability of the system to make or receive calls trhough the internet utilizing Skype as an interface or a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway.

    • SMS Texting: The capability of the device to send out text messages or instant messages to wireless cell phone users.

    • Standardized: The essence that the device is fully certified and the data transmission is standardized over the network that it is transmitted over.

    • Temperature Sensor: The capability of the device to integrate a sensor that detects a change in temperature be it of the engine or the cabin.

    • Unlimited Locates: The flexibility of the interface to refresh data with user preferences.

    • User Initiated Queries: The flexibility of the interface to refresh data with user preferences.

    • Custom Sensor Integration: The Flexibility of the system to accommodate custom sensors seamlessly and quickly due to a Smart ReALTrack Framework.

    • On-Board Diagnostics Integration: The ability of the system to provide engine information remotely from anywhere in the world.

    • Variable Update Interval: The capability of the interface to be refreshed at an interval established for each user.

    • Available Solar Panel Integration: The availability of a solar panel which can power the device in the event when regular power from batteries or electricity is unavailable.

    Available Panic Button Integration: The availability of a panic-button which is integrated in the vehicle and which can be depressed in the event of an emergency.