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Reltronics Technologies’ focus on bringing transparency into the RFID environment is a result of the industry satisfaction with the RFID initiative and an anticipated growth in deploying disparate RFID architectures.  Reltronics Technologies brings you the unique Smart Mobile, which promotes the supply chain management to a new level of efficiency with exciting and versatile features.

Smart Mobile is a wireless handheld device which is connected to the native network, where it performs the function of reading Barcodes and data stored on RFID Tags. Data that is transmitted to the Smart Mobile Client can be saved on a desktop.  Smart Mobile is the most versatile middleware available that resides between the end-user applications and the RFID hardware, interpreting messages received from any RFID hardware and providing a common data-file that can easily be interrogated by any end-user application to support key RFID protocols and standards. It possesses the capabilities to support Class0 as well as Class1 RFID Tags.

Smart Mobile is clearly anticipated to expedite the deployment of RFID systems by permitting transparency with any protocol (Class0-Gen1, Class1-Gen1, Class1-Gen2), any standard (EPCGlobal, ISO, AIMGlobal), any frequency (LF, HF, VHF, UHF), and any RFID hardware technologies (active or passive tags/transponders, circular or linear antenna) legacy or novel.  Smart Mobile enables the end-users to expand their RFID capability and deploy new hardware while seamlessly supporting all existing RFID hardware and protocols.  The device is a handheld pocket PC reader, utilized for reading the RFID tag data attached to objects, and storing the information in a centralized database via the Smart MobileClient software.


It provides the user with dynamic functionalities that include long and short-range variable laser scanning for all popular 1D bar codes. The optional imager supports a growing number of 2D symbologies.

Robust Memory for easy storage of data.

High Speed Processor that reduces inconsistency in data transfer.

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