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Reltronics Technologies introduces the SmartInterpreter which is an application utilized to remotely control the SmartInstrument and SmartClient. SmartInterpreter provides the automatic detection list of all the readers, PCs and all the SmartInstrument available in the network. The user can remotely configure and control the SmartInstrument as well as the SmartClient using the SmartInterpreter.

With the help of the SmartInterpreter, readers can be interchanged, added or even deleted between two or more SmartInstrument. RFID Readers can also be remotely configured via the SmartInterpreter.

All network configurations like the number of host machines, number of reader, IP addresses and the host name of the respective host machines, the number of SmartInstrument available can be displayed as per the requirement of the user by means of the SmartInterpreter.

SmartInterpreter works within the limits of the local network and can be accessed via VPN to perform changes in the sensor network depending on the location of the SmartInterpreter.

SmartInterpreter provides a base for the Application Programming Interface for the SmartInstrument with which the RFID application developers can develop RFID enabled applications effortlessly and promptly.


SmartInterpreter generates an automatic detection list of all the readers and SmartInstrument available in the network.

The reader configurations can be set via the SmartInterpreter.

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