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Reltronics Technologies offers the SmartInstrument AU, a radio frequency and wireless based GPS Tracker. While the SmartInstrument AU can automatically track vehicles, it can also track the vehicle content. The System is able to enhance efficiency, improve safety and customer service.

SmartInstrument AU locates, tracks, and sends vehicles, equipment, & assets in real-time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.

The turn-key system includes hardware interface and training and enables users with the most data, using the least amount of effort, at a reasonable cost. Information becomes available on the vehicles from any location.

Technical Features

Automatic and continuous GPRS connection management

Reliable TCP/IP connectivity over GPRS network

Excellent GPS sensitivity

Built-in memory & data log and automatic resending mechanism

Internal Ni-MH backup battery

Smart tracking feature to save GPRS cost

GPS odometer and mileage report

Geofence and parking-fence

RFID Reader for driver identification

Remote Controller and Immobilizer

Automotive standard surge protection

Representative Equipment List

SmartInstrument AU GPS Tracker

ReALTrack-Web Monitoring Access

GSM/GPRS SIM-Card (AT&T Datacard)

Immobilizer -12V Wiring Harness

Anti-Theft Pressure Sensor

Solar Power Panel

Temperature Sensor

Immobilizer -24V Wiring Harness

Radio Frequency Tags

Radio Frequency Reader

Back-up Battery

Keypad with Display for Driver Status

Door Open Latch Sensor

GPS Antenna

.Panic Button

Various types of GSM/GPS Antennas


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