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Reltronics Technologies SmartInstrumentTM is full of technical features that allow it to act as a reliable GPS Tracking unit for you and your business. Certified by AT&T with an easy to use interface, the SmartInstrumentTM helps you to track company owned vehicles and to help keep productivity efficient and running smoothly.

The SmartInstrument's main technical features include the turn-key system that includes hardware interface and training and enables users to receive unlimited amounts of data while using the least amount of effort, at a reasonable cost. Information becomes available on the vehicles from any location at anytime anywhere in the world, Automatic and continuous GPRS connection management is constantly running through the SmartInstrumentTM to you the customer. There is a reliable TCP/IP connectivity over the GPRS network with Excellent GPS sensitivity; the SmartInstrumentTM has a Built-in memory & data log and automatic resending mechanism which can hold up to two years worth of data history. The unit has an Internal Ni-MH backup battery which allows it to run when power is lost and to continue transmitting data. The Smart Tracking feature helps to save GPRS cost, there is a GPS odometer and mileage report that is given to the customer by the SmartInstrumentTM. The Geofence and parking-fence feature allows you to set parameters of where you want to allow your vehicles to go and not go and sends you alerts when the unit enters the area you have fenced-in or fenced-out. There is the possibility to integrate an RFID Reader for driver identification, along with a remote controller and vehicle Immobilizer and also there is Automotive standard surge protection.

All of these features allow the SmartInstrumentTM to act as an effective and reliable GPS tracking unit, helping companies and individuals to keep track of their vehicles and increasing productivity at the same time.