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The middleware used by Reltronics Technologies is called the SmartInstrumentTM. This facilitates the interpretation of various RFID protocols and readers and permits accord in the RFID infrastructure. SmartInstrumentTM is the most versatile middleware available that resides between the end-user applications and the RFID hardware (readers). Received messages are interpreted from any RFID hardware providing a common data-file that can easily be interrogated by any end-user application to support key RFID protocols and standards. The SmartInstrumentTM supports both active and passive tags. SmartInstrumentTM is independent of any particular frequency range and universally communicates with RFID technology of any sort.

The following is a synopsis of the features provided by the various RFID hardware manufacturers.  Joining an already broadened line of RFID readers, the Intermec IF5 is a fixed “smart” reader that filters information from tags, monitors external sensors and controls audible/visual indicators. This is performed without the expense and potential point of failure of having a separate server “box” required by other RFID scanning solutions. As with all Intermec reader products, the IF5 both reads and writes to RFID tags.

As RFID moves from pilot to deployment, RFID readers take on new strategic importance. However, the challenge is not just reading tags anymore but also about integration, low total cost of ownership, no risk of obsolescence, manageability, scalability, and security.  ReALTrack interfaces with Mercury, ThingMagics’ fixed agile reader built with all of these capabilities. The combination ReALTrack and Mercury is intelligent. network ready and reads any tag, including ISO, EPC Class 0, EPC Class 1 and the new EPC Generation 2.

The combination of ReALTrack framework and Symbol XR450 supports open-standards development platforms so investment in software specific to industry or business will pay off in extended life for technology assets and lower system administration costs.  The integrated ReALTrack and fixed reader interface utilizes mono-static antennas and is optimized for multi-reader enterprise environments with a superior and proven dense reader mode and interference-reducing ‘listen before talk’ functionality.  The environment provides enterprise connectivity preferences such as general-purpose digital input/output and USB, making it seamless for the customers to utilize RFID to direct business processes through your asset-automation infrastructure.   To ensure high-performance reading of all EPC-compliant tags — now and in the future — the ReALTrack framework interfaces with the Symbol XR450 multi-protocol capability and standards-based platform. ReALTrack facilitates the upgrade of Symbol XR450 through firmware to accommodate new tag protocols when they release in the market.

The ReALTrack framework also interfaces with the Alien ALR-98XX series and is compliant with EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocols.This combination sets new standards for RFID readers. The result is a new-generation reader perfect for proficient implementation of RFID on a small or large scale with best-in-class reader performance, lower initial and ongoing costs, and accelerated return-on-investment (ROI). Improved features and benefits in an enterprise-scalable architecture with superior performance reading capability and enhanced dense reader management.

RFID is an exciting technology that is anticipated to boost the control of key business processes to amplify business performance and customer service for the entire supply chain.

The ReALTrack and Microsoft combination provides a platform on which partners can create RFID solutions, reduce human error from data collection, reduce inventories, and improve product availability. The ReALTrack/Microsoft platform adds value to any RFID solution. The ReALTrack/Microsoft partners and customers utilize the SQL Server and BizTalk Server to manage and integrate RFID data along with Visual Studio and Web Services Enhancements (WSE) for Visual Studio tools to create Web services-enabled RFID solutions. Key hardware partners are powering their RFID Readers with ReALTrack/Microsoft embedded operating systems such as Windows CE. Reltronics Technologies also employs MS Embedded XP in their SmartInstrumentTM.

The ReALTrack/WaveTrend Readers work at 433 MHz and are active readers.  The tags come in many shapes and sizes and utilize the magnetic principles to work.  Robust applications by Reltronics Technologies are available which track tamper-evidence, motion detection, etc.  Reltronics Technologies’ applications have been utilized in many disparate applications including mobile systems, parking lot systems, etc.

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