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Reltronics Technologies introduces the SmartCoreServer which is utilized to monitor the SmartInstrument from within the network as well as from outside the network by utilizing various network communication protocols.

SmartCoreServer provides an HTTP interface which is utilized to collect SmartInstrument related information from various sites. The user is not limited to configure just the SmartInstrument but also the sensor network based around that SmartInstrument. SmartCoreServer also configures the SmartClient from remote locations and communicates with the readers to retrieve the data.


SmartCoreServer works on a secured environment to communicate between remotely located SmartInstrument and sensor network based around it.

SmartCoreServer uses HTTP protocols as well as secured socket layer protocols.

SmartCoreServer handles multiple SmartInstrument based on multiple networks.

SmartCoreServer enables the user to handle and manipulate multiple SmartInstrument, SmartClient and whole sensor based network spread over the region.

SmartCoreServer provides a secured environment for data retrieval from various local data storage units in the main data server.

SmartCoreServer integrates the SmartInstrument, SmartClient and the sensor based network to provide maximum benefits to the user to permit  the user to manage the entire RFID network with ease.