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Reltronics Technologies provides assistance in deploying software for security systems.  Reltronics Technologies provides consultation, RFID integration, communication with the police department, and integration with the commercially available off the shelf data I/O cards, utilizing the SmartInstrument.

At Reltronics Technologies, we integrate security software with our RFID solutions. We identify the areas that are susceptible to risk for your business, proposing suitable solutions that would assure protection to you, your employees and assets. We distinguish ways to amplify the competence of your business operations by  putting together a strategy that meets your business specifics, we can draw from a wide range of products and services that are modular, flexible and compatible and can be integrated to your existing infrastructure.

The hallmark of Reltronics Technologies is customer support. We provide software solutions to clients who demand nothing short of the best. We are committed to go that extra mile and provide services others only allude to.
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