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Running a retail business is difficult enough with the constant risk of lost revenue due to missing or stolen stock.  As such, Reltronics Technologies offers its expertise and experience in the field of wireless technologies to make retail easier, more efficient, and more effective. Our ability and willingness to adapt our systems and customize solutions for the customer is our greatest advantage, with our extensive knowledge on wireless data retrieval over a variety of networks coming in at a very close second. Instant access from anywhere in the store to data about anything in the store is a tremendous asset for any retail organization, and is one we offer at an affordable price. Even greater efficiency and product safety, Reltronics’ wireless data retrieval systems can be combined with our various FRID and security systems for a store wide network of information on each product, the location of each piece of stock, its availability, and much more; allowing the greatest benefit to the customer while making theft and inventory errors a rarity.