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Reltronics Technologies RFID solution is helping retailers around the world improve customer satisfaction and increase sales, our technology is transforming the retail industry by offering retailers real-time visibility into inventory and product movement to improve store productivity and loss prevention.

Reltronics Technologies RFID solution - towards improved inventory management

Inventory control is often a costly, time-consuming process for retailers. By offering real-time inventory visibility, Reltronics Technologies’ RFID solution enables inventory managers to monitor and control inventory supply at all times. By automating the inventory tracking process, stores can keep costs down by maintaining optimum inventory levels—avoiding stock-outs and eliminating unnecessary orders. Tracking capabilities also make it easier to predict product demand. Store managers can monitor quick-selling items with increased accuracy, ensuring that their inventory supply is stocked accordingly.

RTI- RFID Solution - Improving customer service

Satisfied customers mean better business for retailers. By using Reltronics Technologies RFID solution, your staff can identify the exact location of any retail item at any time. Customer requests can be handled quickly and easily by your customer service team through access to a centralized database. RFID-tagged items offer store-to-store visibility, so items can be located immediately with the touch of a button. This level of product accessibility results in shorter wait times for customers and offers a better shopping experience. Improving overall store efficiencies ultimately results in greater savings to customers.

RTI- RFID Solution - Boosting customer loyalty

By using Reltronics Technologies RFID Solution, retailers can collect information about their customers' purchasing trends and offer rewards targeted to those interests. Our solution can enable your marketing and customer service teams to identify customers, call up account histories, and provide value-added services to help create a personalized shopping experience. For example, one clothing retailer in New York is using RFID smart labels to store information about each item in the store, such as fabric content, available sizes and colors, and suggested complementary items or accessories. RTI - RFID readers in the fitting rooms are connected to computer monitors so customers can view all the information and make decisions—without ever having to leave the fitting room. And, because privacy is a primary concern, advanced security technology enables your IT staff to better protect all information.



Faster unload times

More Accurate Shipments

Automatic receipt & dispatch (no manual intervention)

In- Store stock Control

Reduce out of stocks (increasing sales)

Shorter lead times

Automatic receipt & dispatch (no manual intervention)

Less stock buffering

Faster inventory turns