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  Detailed Reports




In Transit


Daily Statistics Mileage




Number of Stops


Number of Transits


Miles Driven


Max Speed Driven


Avg Stop Time

0Days 6Hours 17Minutes

Avg Transit Time

0Days 4Hours 35Minutes

Avg miles per Transit


Avg Speed Driven


Total Stop Time

7Days 1Hours 43Minutes

Total Transit Time

5Days 8Hours 22Minutes

Total Track time

12Days 10Hours 5Minutes






By choosing the detailed reports feature, you will be able to see when the vehicle began moving, when it ended moving,  the location of where it ended when it stopped, how long it had been moving in transit for, the maximum speed that it reached during transit and how many miles it went to get where it was going. Once the vehicle has stopped you will be shown how long it was stopped for and where it was when it was stopped. You will then be given a memo at the bottom of the screen that will give you a spread sheet of all the data for that unit for that day.


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 Device Data


The SmartInstrument™ will supply you with daily, weekly and monthly reports, these reports will be sent to your e-mail address. You can also choose certain start and end times to view and then you will be given the report that you have selected. By selecting the device data feature you will be given the ability to view the locations of the vehicle throughout the day. You may view the last 5 or if you want the last 1,000 records which will show the vehicles location. Then the precise data of the vehicles current latitude and longitude at that time, along with their rate of speed and which satellite the device was using at that time as well. Then by clicking on the view icon you will be shown the vehicles location on a map then by clicking on that report you will be taken to a Google map to show you the vehicles location at that time.


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 Device Events


By selecting the Device Events Feature, you will be shown date and amount of time that the vehicle was moving and then the date and amount of time that the vehicle was stopped. You select the date that you would like to view to the exact report you wanted to. This report is also provides fence-in/fence-out status for the vehicle you have selected. This report allows you to set parameters in which you want your vehicles to stay or you can set them for areas that you do not want your vehicles to enter. On this report you will be able to see how many times a vehicle violated this and how long they were in an area that they were not suppose to be.    You can also utilize the speed setter in this feature as well. This is the ability to set a speed which you do not want the person in that particular vehicle to exceed. If they do you are sent an alert and this is where you can view how many times they violated this speed and for how long. Both the fence-in/fence-out and speed setter features can be applied to all of the vehicles in your fleet or to individual vehicles as well.


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 Monthly Status Report


The monthly status support feature provides you with the total number of transmissions received by the Smart Instrument & the amount of data in MB sent by the unit as well.

While in the Power User Section you are able to view some detailed reports for a particular unit as well these reports include.
Activity Summary: This allows you to view the activity of a single unit or all the units in your fleet during a certain time period. This tells you the total distance traveled by the selected units and the total number of stops by the selected units.

Speed Violation Summary: This allows you to view the amount of violations of the speed limit you set for your units, you can see how many times an individual unit violated the speed limit or the amount of times your entire fleet  violated the speed limit.


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Idling Time Summary: This allows you to view the amount of time that spent idle by a particular unit or the total amount of time spent idle by your entire fleet.
Fence Violation Summary: This allows you to see the amount of times an individual unit went into an area that you have fenced out for them not to enter or the amount of times they left an area you fenced in for them to stay inside, if you set the same parameters for your entire fleet you can view the total amount of times it was violated and by which unit, or if you have one vehicle you have set a fence for you can view that individual units violations as well.
Vehicle Information Summary: This allows you to view the vehicle information for the vehicles in your fleet to see if they have any engine problems or if any other problems are happening with that vehicle as well.
Device Activation Summary: This allows you to see the total number of vehicles in your fleet that are currently active and up and running properly.
Log Report: This allows you to see the events of a particular device and the event description and event time and the source.