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Radio Frequency identification technologies are expeditiously becoming substantial for product identification as business has enhanced its supply chain operations and reciprocating to credentials from key customers. The invention of any neoteric technology into an application, the purpose of RFID technologies is to improve supply chain management among many applications.

About the Technology

RFID technologies creates new security and privacy issues that must be debugged to ensure the integration of the technologies and enable machines to collect information via sensors. The RFID technology facilitates machines to collect information through sensors.


ReALTag Coder provides several advantages while creating tag data as per requirements. RealTag Coder is available as a standalone application or can be integrated with other RFID applications. It uses Congenial RFID Tag Database Design. ReALTag Coder is the application that saves time and labor. ReALTag Coder is appropriately  priced with exemplary RFID data formatting solution.

The ReALTag Coder generates XML files for data transfer. It collects all RFID tag data and stores the data in a database.

It increases the speed of RFID deployment and stores the tag data for quick retrieval and identification.

ReALTag Coder supports all EPC tag formats like Class0+, Gen1, Gen2 Tags.