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Looking for files/assets? Tired of searching? Reltronics Technologies provides a unique solution called the ReALTrack Locator which keeps a track of inventory and locates items or assets.

About the device

ReALTrack Locator is a device which is utilized for tracking and locating the objects that have an RFID tag attached to them. It is fabricated for RFID technology and distinctively enforced and utilized for maintaining and tracking inventory in an organization.


ReALTrack Locator reads the RFID tag information on the object and compares it with the information stored in a database server. If the data that is transmitted to the ReALTrack Locator matches that which is stored on the database server, it implies that the object is available in the inventory. If the transmitted data does not match the data stored in the database server, it indicates that the object or product is new and the database server needs to be updated.

The ReALTrack Locator is a software that operate the process by reading and writing tags. The attenuation value can be manually set to control the transmitted Radio Frequency power. When the attenuation is Zero, the RFID data can be read at a maximum distance of 9 feet.

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