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Existence of counterfeit or adulterated drugs and their potential presence in the supply chain undermines public confidence in the industry. In order to comply with drug pedigree legislation, several companies within the pharmaceutical industry are investing in an Electronic Pedigree solution, commonly known as “e-Pedigree.” Is There any need for e-Pedigree? To protect patients from counterfeit drugs, state and federal laws require a certified chain of custody, or pedigree, for pharmaceuticals. The exchange of pedigrees will be streamlined when all trading partners use the same pedigree format to certify secure drug distribution.

Reltronics Technologies suggests the Minimum Requirement to be:

Data Volumes: Pedigrees will require a significant increase in the data volumes shared between trading partners.

Information Storage: Each player in the supply chain will need to maintain complete and accurate records of all items back to the manufacturer for multiple years.

Reliability: Pedigree information must be available before a product can be shipped. If pedigree information is not available, shipping the product could result in a felony charge.

Certification: Each player in the supply chain must authenticate the chain of custody back to the manufacturer, maintain a record of this authentication, and certify that the shipments have complete and accurate pedigree.

What would be the changes in your business?

Improved shelf life management.

Improved/increased product demand visibility.

Improved inventory availability.

Streamlining business processes and increased efficiency through automation (reduce mispicks and out-of-stocks).