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Businesses that involve manufacturing, distribution, sales etc have physical assets. Selecting the right equipment for a particular job and maintaining its functionality, organizing replacements, and minimizing disruptiveness are critical tasks for management in order to increase Return on Investment.

Inability to locate the equipment during a crucial time period raises the costs. Time consumed in seeking assets affects productivity, and hence profitability. To remain competitive and increase profitability, enterprises should manage assets in a manner that drives them to success by superior inventory management consequently reducing operational costs. A proficient asset management program improves return-on-assets (ROA) and other metrics by reducing and controlling the enterprise cost structure.

ReALTrack AMS ensures effective asset management round the clock, where employees constantly have equipment, tools and other resources when required. Assets are tracked and the information delivered includes its associations, visitors, their assets, lost assets, unused assets etc. Closely monitored information includes movements, associations, and the meticulous maintenance of records, which are used to integrate business policies.


Helps financial management of the business by tracking, analyzing and manipulating fixed assets to meet specific needs.

Maintains a database of fixed assets and their associations.

  • Tracks asset movement and confirms validity.

  • Provides security alerts in case of asset mishandling, theft and discovery of lost assets.

  • Tracks visitors’ assets and appropriate reports generated.

  • Reconciles RFID technology with Barcode Technology.

  • Records asset’s original and current location and notifies when dislodged .

  • Reports tags that are missing, replaced or moved.

  • Handles asset depreciation calculations and generates reports.

  • Prepares history and customized reports concerning the assets, tags, assets association and assets movement.

  • 100% SmartInstrument pluggable and RFID middleware compliant.

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