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Reltronics Technologies is involved in Developing and Deploying novel, next-generation Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application products. It develops the ReALTrack RFID framework to quickly facilitate custom requirements of the customer and assure integrity in the developed and deployed system.

It should be noted that certain combinations are more beneficial to an organization based upon the organizational requirements.  Due to customized layout of the facilities, although the generic pilot can be implemented within a facility, a wider deployment of the RFID technology for inventory management requires a due diligence in terms of the placement of the antenna with regards to possible tag reads as well as the placement of the infrastructure for commissioning and de-commissioning tags.

The Remote Resource Information (ReALTrack) application within the Reltronics Technologies Inc. RFID Framework package offered is very versatile and is capable of tracking leashed (RJ-45, RJ-11, RJ-22, or co-axial, etc.) assets and unleashed (RFID, wireless, etc.) assets.  The framework allows configuration for any standard, any reader, any antenna, and any tag. ReALTrack enables identification of assets via TCP/IP and RFID.

It is clear from recent marketing studies that having only passive asset management for Technical assets is no longer sufficient for making robust data-driven decisions, especially if any organization wants to sustain anticipated future growth.  Therefore, the Reltronics Technologies RFID framework (ReALTrack) implementation being the next generation application will enable obtaining information about assets that are either leashed or unleashed.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) and integrated sensor technologies are assisting many companies in becoming resource efficient.  These integrated technologies are rapidly becoming critical tools for converging information on the location of the assets, the environment, and state of the assets into valuable business information.  Reltronics Technologies’ ReALTrack framework provides developers and system integrators with the infrastructure and resources they require to provide cost-effective solutions that leverage and integrate RFID, sensor and location-tracking data.

The ReALTrack RFID software provides seamless integration with business logic and processes by implementing and integrating a variety of automatic data collection and sensor technologies.  These technologies include RFID printers, RFID handheld readers, passive and active fixed RFID readers, barcode scanners, mobile devices, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), location-tracking systems, environmental sensors and feedback mechanisms.  The ReALTrack RFID software infrastructure simplifies development, deployment, configuration and management tasks for highly distributed, multi-site, intelligent sensor networks, and abstracts the interaction with the network of devices. The RFID software facilitates using cross-communicating sensors and forming an intelligent network.  It can consolidate varied technologies and provides a common management structure which includes a secured and event-driven architecture.  The following are some sample applications that are integrated in the ReALTrack RFID software:

Used to identify, track, sort and detect an infinite variety of objects, including people, vehicles, garments, containers, totes and pallets.

Can be used in applications such as proximity access control, time-and-attendance management, vehicle identification, laundry/textile identification, asset tracking, inventory control and factory automation.

Can be used for Access control, Inventory control, Container, pallet tracking, Product tracking through manufacturing, Asset tracking, Equipment / people tracking in hospitals, Parking lot control, and Car tracking in car rental lots.

ReALTrack RFID Software is a user Friendly, windows-based RFID Host Software.  Reltronics Technologies has developed several different application specific RFID software solutions.  This host-based software can be run on several Microsoft Windows platforms, including 2000/XP/Vista.

ReALTrack RFID Software allows developing custom solutions and has been utilized by several of the system integrators to quickly get specific applications developed.  These applications can be developed utilizing the SDK or the software development kit provided by Reltronics Technologies but also to utilize Reltronics Technologies’ expertise and resources when required.  The user can interface appropriate RFID reader drivers through an API (Application Programming Interface) or physical layer protocol. ReALTrack RFID software allows developing RFID systems with Software Components and removes the dependency on hardware and infrastructure.  Many of the readers are already supported and more readers are being added as the market requires.  The following are some of the RFID Software applications deployed by Reltronics Technologies:


Smart Mobile





ReALTrack Locator