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Reltronics Technologies provides you with ubiquitous Application Support Framework, which helps to create tight integration and support for the Enterprise Level Legacy Applications, ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM and Enterprise wide dissimilar applications.
The basic objective of ReALTrack Framework is not only to support enterprise level applications but also provide down level integration support with leashed and unleashed components, assets and services of the organization that includes scattered network components, unmanaged assets, disconnected resources and services of the organization.

The major benefit of this Framework is in the Asset, Records, Infrastructure and Resource Management area where organizations can always find it difficult to manage its resources scattered within its premises or in its branches spread across a wide geographical area. ReALTrack Framework enable the organizations to maintain the integrity and consistency in information management related to various resources and services related with the organization there by helping those organizations to minimize the cost of operation and maintenance to increase ROI within a short period of time.

ReALTrack Framework’s multi-layered support capabilities help organizations to improve the customer’s experience and profitability by leveraging the synergies of dissimilar processes that run through the organization to manage day to day operations of the organization. ReALTrack Framework supports diverse administrations and remote environments by synchronizing all the processes involved to achieve higher process efficiency and thereby creating the managed environment throughout the organization.

ReALTrack Framework is focused towards integrating disparate technologies with disparate applications within and outside of the organization’s ecosystem. It creates a healthy balance of information sharing between all the applications operated by the organization by providing a single, secured and robust framework support. This enables organizations to achieve Six Sigma level of efficiency in the operation and management thereby assuring continual growth of the organization by achieving overall objectives set forth.

ReALTrack Framework designed and developed with novel ideas from industry experts who have deep functional expertise in their core area of operation spanning different industrial verticals. This framework is designed to suit the requirement of any kind of organization with any industrial vertical.

Reltronics Technologies’ forte is developing and deploying novel, futuristic and user-friendly solutions that can quickly facilitate custom requirements of the customer and assure integrity in the developed and deployed system, ReALTrack Framework fully complements this objective, by adopting dynamic nature of customer requirements and easily integrating it into the current ecosystem of the customer without making many changes and thereby allowing them to reap the advantages of saving money and getting the full benefits of a newly deployed solution using ReALTrack Framework.