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About Us

Reltronics Technologies considers the occurrence of technical intricacies, analyses and solves them before they develop into a problem. Our technical team is directly involved with our pre-sales services to abet design proposals and solutions that can be integrated with your operations to maintain smooth running.

The significant assessments carried out by our technical Support team enables you scrutinize your network planning and design, site planning and disaster recovery planning. We render our proficiency and skills to all types of application aspects. Our superior skills and Team members are highly trained in network design/administration; LAN/WAN configurations; fat-client/thin-client configurations; wireless, pen-based options; and Web solutions.

Support tickets may be opened conveniently by phone, by e-mail, or through a dedicated website. Emergency services and software and hardware maintenance services are also available.
Additional critical support features include:

Applications that stay up at all times, eliminating the need for nightly processing by your staff .

24X7 availability to support NextGen users for better performance, flexibility in templates design and support on database level.

We have expertise to manage the servers provided by NextGen on hardware level, application level as well as data level.

Software Enhancement

NextGen will ascertain that you don't treat your patients with obsolete therapies or medications relying on outdated software solutions. Our Research and Development staff implores customer feedback, anticipating industry needs, and creating solutions that enhance your operation.

We guarantee software maintenance that provides updates and upgrades your system to maintain the greatest efficiency, highest quality and best value possible.

Furthermore, we make upgrading convenient and enable users to download many of our enhancements quickly and easily directly from the Internet.

Below is a list of some of the areas we have mentored:

  • Concepts in Relational Database Technology.

  • Using Microsoft Access Query Designer, Form Designer, Visual Basic.

  • Writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, Views, and Stored Functions (PostgreSQL PlPgsql, SQL and SQL Server Transact SQL languages).

  • Microsoft SQL Data Transformation Services (DTS), SQL Integration Services (SSIS).

  • Writing ASP.NET/PHP/ASP applications.

  • Basic concepts in HTML, JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Web Mapping.