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The NextGen applications can be configured to meet the exclusive workflow requirements of any practice. However, certain practices require specialized features that fall outside what is being offered in the mainstream.
This is where Reltronics steps forward to provide consulting for NextGen Applications. Consulting for NextGen application by Reltronics Technologies.

Reltronics Technologies supports NextGen applications and provides consulting in areas of:

Provision of data Conversions from one module to other module. For example, the EMR can be accessed from ICS as well as EPM and other ways.

We facilitate custom Programming outside of the application to offer additional functionality. This implies that we enhance the functionality of an existing module.

Financial and Insurance systems can be custom Interfaced (non-HL7) as well enable integrated voice response, and more.

To meet specific enterprise requirements, customized reporting can be performed to ease appointments, and financial reporting. Reports that are absolutely requirement oriented can be developed.

To meet the federal and state-specific reporting requirements, Government reports can be generated with state-specific reporting requirements including maintenance and yearly updates.