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With the advent of new technologies, there is a continuous requirement to support legacy and new systems in an organization. Reltronics Technologies assists in managing information technology or IT applications and maintaining IT legacy applications, or upgrading operating systems/applications.

Reltronics Technologies supports legacy and novel applications, provides assistance in identifying contention between various applications, and assures that the infrastructure can sustain deployment of new applications. As part of the software maintenance, Reltronics Technologies continuously manages defects and develops tracking requests and assists in managing databases, applications, and products in a seamless and cost-effective manner with the intent of assuring 100% uptime. Reltronics Technologies also assists in constant enhancement of the deployed products, the product usability, and the product supportability to newly deployed applications or to upgraded operating systems

Reltronics Technologies employs key elements to aid in IT maintenance:

  • Risk analysis of maintenance

  • Program comprehension

  • Re-engineering

  • Reverse engineering

  • Impact and change analysis

Reltronics Technologies assists customers migrate across various platforms and technologies and has a history of managing and future-proofing mission-critical applications.

The software services offered by the Product and Process Outsourcing division of Reltronics Technologies includes 24/7/365 support with telephone and on-line troubleshooting, installation assistance, training, basic support, and advanced support. IT support comprises of operating systems, office automation and other packaged software.

Reltronics Technologies follow a logical risk-based approach to problem solving to assure meeting aggressive customer timelines while following specific software and system development lifecycle protocols.