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SmartInstrument™-AU is an automated device which coordinates with appropriate satellites to obtain the exact device coordinates (and therefore physical location) and communicates this location and other attributes of the environment through the Wireless network.  SmartInstrument™-AU is suitable where location coordinates are required especially of remote objects that are required to be tracked.  This allows logical remote tracking of the objects. 


SmartInstrument™-AU has many available options due to the availability of well integrated sensors which may have their data automatically sent for remote live monitoring.  The device comes with a built-in battery and a special controller for power management.  To increase the range of the battery life, an external battery can also be connected.  Among the representative monitoring options available (a select list from hundreds of available sensors), are ignition switch, driver authentication, engine diagnostics, tire pressure, fuel level/mileage, cabin pressure, temperature sensor, container attributes, and battery condition.  There are many additional sensors available for immediate deployment.  SmartInstrument™-AU has an inherent permanent memory space in the device which houses all attributes locally in case of losing connection with the Wireless/GSM/CDMA/TDMA network.  Once the connection is restored, SmartInstrument™-AU can send all the saved data over the Wireless network.  Contact Reltronics Technologies, email your specific requirements.