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Every organization needs their supply chain network to work under more transparency which provides more control over the supply, and in turn earn more earnings for the organization. Not only this issue remains with an organization but local and national regulatory bodies also follow the same theme, in order to give better, controlled administration to its citizens.

Need for the location tracking and real-time data collection.

Growing demand for the supply chain visibility makes RFID automation tool which helps to secure automated data using the sensor based network. RFID not only works as an identification tool for the given object or subject, but also provides a number of other benefits along with it:

•   The data can be collected easily and quickly when compared with other means of data collection.

•   The data can be stored with an encryption which makes it more secure, the data can be accessed at any given point of time.
•   Rugged form of data keeping when compared to other means of data keeping: you cannot destroy RFID based data easily as compared to other sources of data keeping. All of these benefits made RFID a lucrative tool for a business or government.

Real-time access to the data is very important to change the business requirements, introducing new business policies and removing the bottlenecks to increase the profits, replenishment of stocks and so forth. In short we can say that, real-time data makes the organization competitive and finds enough time to make survival plans to be in the competitive market scenario.

There are various scenarios where there is a huge requirement of bulk data collection from one point and getting real-time data is necessary. Places for a large storage of goods and objects in an inventory, which includes places like manufacturing units, dock yards, distribution centers, warehouses, store front etc. Situations can be chaotic when there are a few misplacements, with no real-time data in hand about the replenishment, stock etc.

Application Workflow process

The primary goal of ReALTrack-Locator is to locate the items or palettes tagged with RFID tags at any locations. ReALTrack-Locator optimizes the handheld for better performance and uses the handheld full capacity to acquire data.

The ReALTrack-Locator reads the data from the RFID tag attached to the object and compares it with the information stored on the database server. If the data transmitted to the ReALTrack-Locator matches with the data stored on the database server it means that the object is available and present in the inventory. If the data transmitted does not match with the data stored on the database server, it means that the object or the product is new and the database server needs to be updated. This results in accurate correlation of the Tag data with its respective object to which it is attached.

ReALTrack-Locator can be used in a wide variety of scenarios where bulk data collection and database transfer is necessary, also locating things within short span of time is important.

ReALTrack-Locator has easy convergence with existing enterprise applications, where ReALTrack-Locator takes the complete burden to collect the data from sources and transfers it to the destination. ReALTrack-Locator supports many types of database technologies on the storing end.

ReALTrack-Locator customized version comes with ReALTag Coder which programs EPC Class0+, Gen1 and Gen2 tags, with 3 operational modes. Customized ReALTrack-Locator involves more modules of user's choice rather than general modules. ReALTrack-Locator GPS module only comes with GPS Tracker devices and available on order based requests. GPS module also has mapping system to locate the object which is tagged with RFID and to detect other GPS transmitter devices.


Supports a number of RFID handheld readers from PSION Teklogix, Motorola, Intermec, Etc.

  1. Supports Different Database Technologies.

  2. Support All EPC Standard Tags.

  3. Provides low cost, high performance solution.

  4. Fully customizable according to the user needs.

  5. Easily integrate with existing Business Applications.

  6. Benefits of ReALTrack-Locator.

  7. Less processing time to collect the data and removal of unnecessary overheads.

  8. Scanning using ReALTrack-Locator is not a serial process, like traditional Barcode scanning, so the business can perform identical tasks much more quickly. This means processes moving goods through a supply chain are more efficient leading to a reduction in the need for larger inventories, and the overheads used to collect the data will be removed.

  9. Accurate collection of data checks errors and omissions.

  10. The data collected through ReALTrack-Locator by scanning has greater first time pass accuracy, this reduces the number of errors that are generated and retries needed.

  11. Increased productivity by cutting unnecessary costs.

  12. Identifying items by ReALTrack-Locator involves less work than using barcode scanning and other less automated ways. This leads to greater process effectiveness in many tasks such as receiving and putting away, picking and shipping goods.

  13. Improved Utilization of Resources.
  14. Information obtained by RFID scanning can be used to improve planning. Processes can be improved, time can be saved and assets can be utilized better.

  15. Reduces Risk & Increases Control of Assets.

  16. ReALTrack-Locator using RFID tracking enables better audit and asset control. The ability to track and trace items better means assets can be located more easily. The opportunity for enhanced data collection leads to increased accuracy of record keeping and improved asset maintenance. Regulatory compliance can be achieved more effectively.

  17. Strengthen the Management Practice to realize the organization goals.

  18. ReALTrack-Locator enables processes and procedures to be measured better. Until a process can be measured accurately it often can't be improved. Decisions that are based on limited, inaccurate, out-of-date information are often poor decisions.

  19. Increased Revenues.

  20. By finding and eliminating uncertainty less or “out of stock” situations in advance and providing for replenishment, thereby reducing lost sales and increasing choice leading to more sales.

  21. Improved Security and Service.

  22. Being able to validate information relating to an item enables increased security. ReALTrack-Locator contributes to more effective access control, reductions in shrinkage and other losses and the ability to provide fast and efficient services at the point of need using RFID. ReALTrack-Locator's ability to authenticate information can prevent activities like counterfeiting and fraud.

  23. Remote and mobile assets can be monitored using the GSM network.

Reltronics Technologies also offers the ReALTrack-Record Management System (ReALTrack-RMS) which is the solution for implementing the ISO standards and ease of use functionality in record management. ReALTrack-RMS is utilized to track and store records. ReALTrack-RMS supports the tracking of the entire file lifecycle from its creation to its destruction.  ReALTrack-RMS also integrates with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems.  ReALTrack-RMS supports RFID systems from various manufacturers and provides versatility in its implementation.  ReALTrack-RMS also supports all types of barcodes that are generally acceptable in a record management environment.

Reltronics Technologies' ReALTrack-RMS understands that a good asset management system is important for the growth of the company as it helps in better utilization and management of resources to realize the productive goals of an organization.  ReALTrack-RMS is an asset tracking, data collection and management software, which utilizes many technologies such as RFID, Barcode, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. ReALTrack-RMS supports both active and passive readers simultaneously with both fixed and handheld RFID hardware functionalities.

ReALTrack RMS supports third party Asset Accounting applications such as the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Dynamics CRM, NextGen, SAP, JD Edwards, etc. Being a registered Microsoft partners, Reltronics Technologies offers customized integration of Microsoft products using RFID technologies.

ReALTrack-RMS Functionality:

The ReALTrack-RMS is designed on the basis of the management of physical records.  ReALTrack-RMS has several functions in support of creation, usage, and destruction of records.  Some of the functions include:

  1. Identifying Records.

  2. Storing Records.

  3. Circulating Records.

  4. Deleting Records.

ReALTrack-RMS enables the user to create new files, view the files, add files to the existing list, track the existing files, Edit the files, and delegate the files. ReALTrack-RMS also provides an interface to the ReALTrack-Record Processing System or ReALTrack-RPS which enables allocating a resource who is responsible to cater to the user requests for files/records.  ReALTrack-RMS is designed in such a manner that the user gets maximum benefit in work efficiency thus increasing the Return on their investment. ReALTrack-RMS can be deployed organization-wide.

Within ReALTrack-RMS, the various menus assist the user(s) in tracking the files more efficiently. The interfaces are user friendly and are designed for customer usability. ReALTrack-RMS is feature rich and features can be turned on or off to facilitate customization as per the user's request.

Main Features of ReALTrack-RMS:

  1. Provides for both fixed and mobile type of tracking, simultaneously.

  2. Centralized database and administration for better management.

  3. Support Gen2, Gen1 and other EPC tag formats.

  4. Support several types of database technologies.

  5. Has inherent file security features.

  6. Assists the user to track lost files and to be notified immediately.

  7. Assists in exporting the tracked records to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel).

  8. Provides an option of sending the tracked file information to a desired email ID.

  9. Supports and integrates with SmartInstrument in addition to other RFID middleware solutions.

  10. Provides customized reports on Tracked files, non-tracked files, acknowledgements etc.

  11. Provides a request placing system (ReALTrack-RPS) for quick requests and processing.

  12. Allows transparency in File delegate status.

  13. Has searchable help text within the application.

  14. Supports disparate RFID hardware including fixed and mobile readers.

  15. Facilitates request handling from remote desktops and provides acknowledgement for requests received.

How Reltronics Technologies can assist :

Reltronics Technologies specializes in Security Software and Tracking Solutions. Appropriate team members can be assigned who can provide expertise in manufacturing, deploying, and monitoring Security Software & Tracking systems. The team can assist in integrating systems which involve technologies such as radio frequency identification, GPS, wireless technologies, critical condition monitoring, intrusion, access control, RFID, data encryption, closed circuit television (CCTV), and electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. The experience that Reltronics Technologies has garnered in deploying numerous security software systems, including GPS and wireless based automated vehicle location systems, asset management systems, record management systems, automated content management systems, and automated sensor systems, can easily be translated to meet any requirement in the Security Software and Tracking arena. Reltronics Technologies has and continues to add value-added resellers (VARs), distributors, and dealers that enable implementation of Security Software & Tracking Systems worldwide. For further information, contact us via email at