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Reltronics Technologies RFID:

Real solutions for healthcare.

Healthcare/Pharmaceutical vertical accounted for $88.4 million in 2003 and is expected to grow to $856.1 million by the year 2012. The Healthcare/Pharmaceutical vertical accounts for 8% of the total RFID market. Reltronics Technologies’ RFID initiative assists in tracking patients and enhances the management of patient information.

Below are the highlights:

Ensures greater patient safety and accurate patient identification at the point-of-care.

Provides asset tracking capabilities to reduce operational, inventory and labor costs.

Enables patient tracking to enhance safety as well as increase productivity of caregivers.

Improves medications administration to reduce medication errors.

Provides a simple tracking solution of medical supplies from the factory to storage shelves, enabling efficient inventory management.

Reltronics Technologies provide a total RFID solution, from business case and deployment strategies to solution build and pilot programs, enterprise rollout and integration.

Reltronics Technologies is implementing solutions

Today Reltronics Technologies is providing the right RFID solutions, not just for supply chain management, but for the broader health care marketplace as well. Among those benefiting are the many small to mid-size providers and clinics seeking an edge to improved operational efficiency to enhanced patient safety — against larger competitors. RFID solutions that Reltronics Technologies implements include:

Patient safety at point-of-care

There is global awareness of tragic wrong-site, wrong-patient and wrong-procedure surgeries. Having the RFID tag attached to a patient, enables the physician to verify the correct patient, procedure and site — prior to the start of any invasive procedure. In the operating room, a handheld reader is employed to authenticate the information on the tag, the patient’s chart and ID wristband.

Reltronics Technologies currently utilizes RFID to help caregivers scan patient ID badges to authenticate and access appropriate levels of information and clinical data. For instance, RFID tags containing full patient histories can provide emergency workers with a potentially life-saving “head start” to make treatment decisions. Alternatively, this can also alert a nurse to a patient’s medication allergy at their bedside or even inform a doctor making rounds to recent test results.
Patient tracking

Increasingly, hospitals want to track patients in real-time, and Reltronics Technologies provides customized solutions to meet this requirement. RFID tags can be attached to the ID bracelets of all patients, or just patients requiring special attention, to ensure that their location is tracked constantly. Physicians can use the RFID system to easily locate patients, increasing their productivity on rounds. RFID tags can also be placed on door locks to enhance safety of the infirmed, elderly and infants or on bed rails to reduce bed exit accidents. Additionally, tags are being used to reduce errors in patient identity authentication for admission, diagnostics, interviews and release.

Asset tracking

Reltronics Technologies RFID asset tracking solutions are helping hospitals better manage highly mobile medical equipment, such as IV pumps and wheelchairs. Asset tracking employs RFID tags to transmit location data to workstation software, which displays the data on a floor plan of the hospital. Trained nurses can use the software to locate the items during their daily routines. Not only does the hospital reduce inventory and labor costs, but nurses save hours a day that they can devote to patient care.

Meds management

An RFID-enabled meds management solution allows a clinician to scan a patient’s wristband to validate identification and review current orders from a physician. Likewise, tagged medications can be scanned to verify that patient, medication, dose and timing are consistent and accurate. In another application, RFID-enabled prescription bottles have the potential of signaling when the container is opened and can provide caregivers with a record that indicates when medicines are taken properly.

As in retail, RFID in health care provides a simple, low-cost solution that allows tracking of supplies from the factory to storage shelves. By enhancing supply chain efficiencies, hospitals and clinics achieve improvements in availability of supplies, less duplication and loss of equipment, and savings in inventory costs.

End-to-end, start to finish

Through our deep commitment and breadth of capabilities, Reltronics Technologies can guide you through your RFID transformation from business case and deployment strategies, to solution building and pilot programs, to enterprise rollout and integration.

Design a Pilot >> Feedback >>  Run >>  Implement

The execution of integrated and concurrent work streams can help accelerate RFID readiness.  We follow a systematic approach that ascertains implementation success by staging the application and hardware appropriately first in the QA or test environment prior to promoting it to the production environment.

The Reltronics Technologies advantage
Reltronics Technologies is now leading the way in the development and integration of custom RFID solutions to provide dramatic benefits for health care providers, caregivers and patients as well as insurers, pharmaceuticals and medical manufacturers. Simultaneously, Reltronics Technologies is developing exciting solutions to integrate disparate IT systems for doctors and hospitals and capitalize the benefits of RFID.

Reltronics Technologies RFID solutions enable users to essentially collect, integrate and manage data collected from tags, readers and even wireless Wi-Fi networks. Prominently, Reltronics Technologies systems are massively scalable, enabling hospitals and clinics to handle an unpredictably large stream of data, all transmitted without the normal, delay factor due to human input. These systems can be deployed in stages and are capable of scaling for full business utilization. RFID’s automation of many business processes will make your organization more responsive, flexible and cost efficient.

A leader in RFID solutions, Reltronics Technologies offers the required business consulting, infrastructure consulting, integration services and scalable middleware, backed by proven industry-accepted standards. Reltronics Technologies also has strategic alliances with leading hardware and software vendors who are well versed in how RFID can help transform your hospital or clinic into a flexible and efficient health care environment.