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Choosing the components for your RFID implementation should be done with utmost care as it may seem confounding. The implementation of RFID systems has proven to be difficult without professional assistance, for even large organizations.  As this rapidly evolving technology continues to develop and progress, manufacturers continue to release new versions of their products to address varying standards & new applications.  This creates an obsolescence issue that is akin to deployment of the Windows operating system.  Reltronics Technologies takes pride in overcoming obsolescence by continuously supporting new and old hardware at the same time.  The development of drivers in the ReALTrack framework is continuous and assures hardware support for the previous generation of readers.

Reltronics Technologies’ hardware lab evaluates the best type of hardware and middleware that is suitable for the customer environment. This evaluation helps customers determine tags, readers, printers and applications that best fit their requirement.  Reltronics Technologies is partnered with the premier providers of RFID hardware solutions and RFID hardware distributors worldwide and continuously provides input into how to optimize the read/write process of the RFID readers.

The RFID system design and physical architecture services provided by Reltronics Technologies defines the customer's RFID computing infrastructure by developing detailed plans for site installation, network layout and deployment while keeping in mind the business objectives of the customers. Among the hardware services offered include:

RFID hardware selection

RFID tagging analysis

Site layout assessment

RFID network design

RFID hardware installation


Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

In addition, Reltronics Technologies provides a flexible RFID framework that is architected to support the tags that are most cost-effective and are most applicable in the customer’s environment. This implies that customers have an extensive range of hardware to choose from. Depending on the customer’s requisition, tags and antennas can be procured through Reltronics Technologies to support and implement the RFID architecture. Alternatively, RTI can recommend the best tag, antenna combination that would best suit the customer application and requirement to facilitate system integration.

Reltronics Technologies supports many RFID hardware manufacturers and has written many drivers in support of many of the RFID hardware vendors.