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Reltronics Technologies has deployed several handheld terminals and supports several manufacturers which include Motorola, Psion Teklogix, and Intermec. Among the key applications developed are as follows.

The ReALeID application for the Motorola mobile reader, the MC9XXX Series escalates the supply chain management to a new level of efficiency with exciting and versatile features. It provides the user with dynamic functionalities that includes long- and short-range variable laser scanning for all popular 1D bar codes with an additional optional imager that supports a growing number of 2D symbologies.  The features include:

Robust memory (up to 64MB) and a powerful high-speed processor that ensures maximum user productivity.

Ability to read and write Gen1 and Gen 2 RFID Tags, captures 1D and 2D bar codes, and capture images.

Exceptionally rugged construction delivers an extraordinarily low total cost of ownership through reduced repair and downtime cost.

The large display facilitates exceptional clarity and contrast for easy reading under a wide variety of lighting conditions.

The unique torque-cell construction delivers unmatched ruggedness that enables quality performance at the toughest environments and protecting your investment.

The ReAL SmartMobile application is capable of reading both the RFID Tags as well as barcodes. The presence of foreign tags alerts the user to notify them of an unfamiliar tag.  Initially, the user authentication is performed through the database server. Once the application is in the running mode, the asset tracking facility is enabled consequently tracking all the section Tags, asset tags as well as the Foreign Tags. Succeeding this, web based reports are generated.

In order to search the assets on a section wise basis, the details pertaining to the asset are established using TCP/IP accessing methods as it isn’t pragmatic to search a webpage directly.

The ReALTrack-Locator is utilized to track and locate objects which have an RFID tag attached to them. This is based on the RFID technology framework and is exclusively employed to maintain and track inventory in any organization.

The ReALTrack-Locator reads data from the RFID tag attached to the object and compares it with the information stored on the database server. The application primarily consists of several windows.

The ReALTrack framework for the Psion Teknogix facilitates a Handheld Pocket PC Series which broadens the horizon of supply chain management. The robust memory (up to 128MB), and a powerful high-speed processor ensures maximum user productivity. The distinct torque-cell construction conveys unmatched ruggedness to achieve high class efficacy even in the toughest environments safeguarding your investment.

The ReAL SmartMobile application for the Psion is proficient in reading RFID Tags as well as notifying the user when a foreign tag is detected.

The user is authenticated via the database server. As the application runs, the asset tracking facility thus enabled begins tracking all the asset tags as well as the Foreign Tags. Following this, reports are generated that are web-based. For a section wise inspection, it is easier to perform it employing TCP/IP accessing methods rather than resorting to a cumbersome task of exploring a web page.