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About Us

Reltronics Technologies is a major player in the BFSI domain, our company’s mission is to become the pre-eminent
‘On – Demand’ business and knowledge process service provider in the BFSI Domain enabling organizations in this vertical to operate on a scalable, transaction based cost structure, effectively leading to increased bottom lines.

Our Operational and Strategic benefits include:

Cost saving in multiple functional areas of the BFSI Domain.

Increased process efficiencies leading to better customer experience.

On demand transaction based service leading to reduced fixed costs.

Scalability of operations aligned to business direction.

Off-shore’ benefits without the need to build one.


BFSI Core Services

Account Opening Service

Loan Processing

Lead Generation

Cheque Clearance

Cheque Payment Reconciliation

Statement Processing

ATM Reconciliation

Customer Account Management

Collection & Customer Follow-up

Account Quarries Handling & Limit Enhancement

Account Payment & Reconciliation

Credit Verification

Fraud Detection

Standard Order Processing

Reward & Loyalty Program

Value Added Services for Existing Customers

Credit / Debit Card Operations (Customer Support/ Sales Verification / Document Processing