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Reltronics Technologies' Wireless GPS Platform will appeal to large enterprise and government customers that find off-the-shelf products may not fully meet their needs. For customers who want applications that run locally on their phones or have other technical requirements, native and customized interfaces continue to be available.

Reltronics offers a wide variety of GPS tracking systems and asset/fleet management options for all types of businesses.  From transportation to construction to the automotive industry Reltronics provides both telemetric and location based GPS services. Telemetric refers to the use of telecommunications between remote systems and computers for wireless data transfer. Reltronics' location based services can be used to track anything be it cattle, people, traffic, vehicles and so on. Reltronics help enterprises to save millions of dollars by enabling tracking and monitoring the activity of employees, vehicles, people, goods and equipments. Discover the benefits of Reltronics fleet tracking products that will allow you to reduce your overhead costs, monitor daily use of your fleet/freight resources, increase employee productivity, and many other vital benefits that are crucial to a productive and successful business.

Our complete portfolio of GPS tracking and telemetric solutions include:

GPS used by the government for military purposes

In-vehicle navigation systems

Hand-held navigation systems

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Real-time mapping

Automated data collection and reporting

Includes Landmarks, telemetry and vehicle maintenance reports

Waypoint allocation, Route and Trip Management

Comprehensive on-board engine and vehicle diagnostics

Flexible data exchange with third party applications

Reltronics Technologies' wireless fleet management solution provides more than just a vehicle tracking system for Transportation companies as well as for government organizations, where user can find out how they can eliminate manual paperwork, increase billable miles, save on fuel and maintenance costs, improve safety and productivity, and meet mandates. With automatic driver log information, comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, trailer tracking options and complete telemetry reports, user can have all the tools that needed to gain new efficiencies on the road and in the office.

Remote Vehicle Monitoring

Reltronics Technologies enables Fleet Operators to accurately monitor and control their vehicles and mobile assets remotely using Telemetry. Information is transmitted in real-time to the Sights online solution for viewing, reporting, or alerting.

This includes tracking of vehicle component operations, speed, siren, remote vehicle engine management, real-time fuel level detection and reporting, remote vehicle immobilization, power off, Panic Button features to address emergency situations, real-time notification of in and out operations, cabin pressure monitoring, automatic lock-in and lock out, driver safety, driver authentication, real-time fleet communication, direction and routing, near field assistance, On-board Vehicle Diagnostics, real time Geo Fence violation alerts, Vehicle maintenance alerts etc. All these facilities provided by Reltronics Technologies comes ON-DEMAND and Pay as you GO service models.

As operating costs continue to escalate, Transportation companies and Government demand a revolutionary fleet management solution to address their challenges and keep their organizations one step ahead of competition. Discover how easy it is to eliminate manual error-prone processes, increase billable miles, reduce fuel and maintenance, adhere to government regulations, new mandates and improve the overall safety and productivity of their mobile assets.


Key benefits for the Transportation industry include:

Greater Fleet Efficiency.

Manage driver schedules and reduce overtime.

Eliminate error prone manual paperwork entry.

Automated expense claims and business mileage.

Automatically produce accurate time-on-site reports.

Improved workforce productivity and accountability.

Maximize drive time through landmark reporting.

Better utilize assets by knowing the best time of day to schedule a route and understand the exact number of vehicles required for each day’s manifests.

Improve workforce productivity with real-time monitoring of vehicle routes and measuring performance against company business goals.

Safety and security.

Protect vehicles from theft with automatic vehicle location and in-cab driver authorization.

Increase driver safety with two-way communication and panic buttons.

Curb reckless driving behavior with real-time reporting.

Maximize Revenues

Eliminate unnecessary waste expenses by monitoring trailer temperatures for consistent delivery of perishable food items.

Save time and money with automatic driver log processing and Hours of Service (HOS) compliance.

Increase the number of jobs completed each day.

Realize significant cost saving (labor, fuel, insurance etc.)

Decrease fuel usage by monitoring vehicle performance, such as mileage and speed and optimizing schedule routes.

Enhance Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Guarantee service delivery with preventative maintenance schedules.

Empower employees with real-time information access.