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Reltronics Technologies SmartInstrument GPS/GPRS system is perfect for any educational institution with a fleet of vehicles to manage, be they busses or University owned limited-use cars. The SmartInstrument allows for instantaneous location and real-time tracking, smoothing operations with a direct-command command structure as opposed to the often used and inefficient general querying methods. Additionally, our device is capable of interfacing with most onboard systems, allowing for remote engine shutdown if the need should arise, along with remote system diagnostic monitoring.

Another applicable feature of Reltronics’ GPS system is the ability to set boundaries and conditions, violation of which results in automated alerts sent out to your choice of electronic or cellular destination, including both e-mail and SMS texting notifications. If a customer imposed speed limit is surpassed, or a vehicle moves outside of a pre-set area, the relevant administrator is sure to know promptly.