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Reltronics Technologies Higher Education initiative provides solutions, strategic consulting, and technology management services. Bringing together people, processes, and technology, we work with colleges and universities to help them strengthen performance through improved constituent services, increased accountability, and better educational experiences.

Reltronics Technologies higher education initiative offers services that provide accountable, experienced management of customer's IT operations to support an environment of performance improvement. For institutions needing to efficiently augment or strategically source IT support, we provide a range of onsite and remote IT services to help them to achieve their goals. We take responsibility for specific functions or entire IT operations.

Reltronics Technologies also provides customer participation in the solution development under higher education, which helps the customer to understand the ins and outs of entire solutions that is specifically customized for them. This allows a university’s employees to spend less time on training, cut down related expenses and save a great deal of time in general.

Under Higher Education Initiative, we provide solutions consisting of both products and services that increase the level and quality of overall process. Reltronics Technologies higher education initiative also provides training and 24x7 support services to help customers achieve their desired objectives.

Reltronics Technologies offers the following Products and Services under Higher Education Initiative:

  • ERP Customization, Deployment, Maintenance, Upgrade and Support Services

  • Student Information Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Administrative Application Management

  • E-Procurement

  • Consulting and Implementation Services

  • Training Services

  • Support Services

  • Enterprise Automation and Business Process Re-Engineering Services

  • International Student Management

  • 24x7 Help Desk Services

Reltronics Technologies provides SMARTCampus® solution along with disparate technology solutions for the education Sector. This solution enables various campus related activities to come under one platform thereby cutting down unnecessary overheads, time and managerial problems.

Salient features

Economical – Our SMARTCampus® allows you to leverage your existing IT investments by efficiently integrating existing systems.

Improved communication - Allows you to improve communications with prospective and current students in the mean time keeping pace with the changing academic needs and courses.

Accountability – Seamless integration with the back office financial solutions providing improved data for planning and reporting.

Higher degree of control on diversified processes - SMARTCampus® provides benefits of centralized management and also decentralized operations, with transparency to provide a greater degree of control over various processes.