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The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is always on the move and changing. Reltronics Technologies RFID Solution helps to manage complexity, cut costs, and boost productivity. Whether it is the US Department of Defense or the commercial airline industry, Reltronics Technologies RFID solution helps meet the complex requirements.

Reltronics Technologies - RFID in Aerospace and Defense

The application of Reltronics Technologies RFID solution in the Aviation industry has many proven benefits, with the ultimate objective being continued air safety:

Improve airline configuration control, by increasing the accuracy of the known "as-delivered" configuration.

Provide reliable part traceability.

Reduce internal processing and cycle time to solve service-related problems.

Improve the accuracy of information exchanged between the airline industry and suppliers.

In addition, Reltronics Technologies RFID solution offers a competitive advantage:

No line of sight requirement.

Dynamic read/write capability.

Simultaneous reading and identification of multiple tags tolerant to harsh environments.


Reltronics Technologies - RFID Solution

RFID Tagging of packaged field rations such as Meals Ready to Eat, clothing and individual equipment, tools, tents and weapons systems repair parts and components.

RFID Tagging of lubricants, oils, preservatives, chemicals, additives, construction and barrier materials, and medical materials supplied to DOD.

Real time tracking of DOD medical supplies.

RFID use in military medicine - ability to collect and collate data on the frequency and severity of common injuries and illnesses and then determine measures to lessen or prevent them.