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Reltronics Technologies has implemented a Crate Tracking Solution based on ReALTrack RFID Framework with the SmartInstrument, the versatile network appliance which is capable of communicating data via Bluetooth, WiFi, and LAN, while furnishing detailed GPS coordinates for location identification.  SmartInstrument has obtained certification under CE, FCC, and PTCRB, required to deploy wireless technologies over the GSM network and therefore providing the versatility of communicating data anytime and anywhere.

Reltronics Technologies has provided extensibility to the existing Government system in order to cut down the solution deployment, implementation, and maintenance costs and to have a greater degree of control in the Live Bird Market (LBM) supply chain activities. ReALeID and the ReALeIDManager assist the existing Government System to take care of the LBM related data with the actual RFID sensor network being managed by the ReALeID application. This offers greater equilibrium in price and quality of the deployed solution and provides higher degree of control over the Live Bird Market System Supply Chain.

Reltronics Technologies, Inc. offers the SmartInstrument™, which is an automatic vehicle location and content management system, developed based upon the ReALTrack framework and utilizing the GPS technology and the GSM/GPRS wireless data transmission across the wireless networks.  Reltronics Technologies is involved in Developing and Deploying novel, next-generation Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application products.  It develops the ReALTrack RFID framework as well as novel RFID products (such as the SmartInstrument) that enable seamless and transparent integration of legacy RFID technologies with the latest RFID technologies.

About Reltronics Technologies: Reltronics Technologies ( specializes in Security and Tracking. The company assists in developing, installing, and maintaining the security systems. Among the key areas that Reltronics Technologies concentrates on are (1) GPS Tracking Systems, (2) Automated Vehicle Location & Content Management Systems, (3) Fire & Security Systems, (4) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems, (5) Asset Management Systems, and (6) Record Management Systems.  Reltronics Technologies is certified by New York State to install, upgrade, and maintain Fire Alarm and Security Systems.  For further information, email:



Pakster (, a division of PI, Inc, ( has partnered with Reltronics Technologies, Inc. (, and now offers an automatic crate location (SmartCrate™) system based upon the ReALTrack framework. The system is a real-time crate identifier which simplifies the crate management process by congregating and managing associated information regarding the crate in a timely and efficient manner.

The system records crate information and crate movement automatically and provides updated and accurate data in real time without human intervention.

Installation Technique


Reader/Sensing Equipment is installed inside the crate washer.  The crates have an inherent electronic id or RFID chip.  This chip is automatically sensed by the equipment as the crates are washed.  There is no human intervention.  Data is automatically sent across the Internet and is accessible by all authorized personnel. System comes with a complete web-based system to determine the location of the crate at each instant in time.

Benefits of the crate management system

Among several advantages, the system will immediately benefit the organization with the following:

Provides data where crates are, or have crate, equipment, tools and other resources when required.

Closely monitors information including crate movement.

Enables an organization to manage its crates with automated information updates.

Assures accurate and timely data transmission.

Reduces the crate base with improved crate utilization.

Increases efficiency of crate consumption.

Assures increased productivity.

Enables purchase efficiency.

Ascertains cost-effective maintenance.

Contributes to the enhancement and better return of investment.

Identifies the crate in real-time.


Setup takes less than one hour and the system comes ready to deploy. This equipment has been installed in numerous locations and is time tested.

Crate Content Monitoring Expansion with GPS

While Pakster can assist in detecting the crates going through the washer and identify them, the local crate monitoring system can be expanded in moving vehicles with the installation of the SmartInstrument licensed by Pakster from Reltronics Technologies. The GPS-based system can monitor vehicle movement as well as the number of crates that are loaded. It can pin-point the location of the vehicle in the supply-chain so that robust decisions are made either to re-orient the delivery schedule or to re-tract the delivery.

Electronic or Radio-Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are required for the crate content identification. The tags are environmentally robust (rugged with a read-distance between 5-25 feet). Pakster provides a radio frequency based GPS Automated Crate Locator System for the Poultry & Feed industry.

The System is able to immediately enhance efficiency, improve safety and customer service. The turn-key system includes hardware interface, installation and training and enables users with the most data, using the least amount of effort, at a reasonable cost. Information becomes available on the crates from any location with internet access. The system is translatable and Pakster can provide seamless expansion capability of expanding the crate locating system to additional crates, such as service crates, other units and delivery crates. The expansion of the system can be for the following:

Obtain driver and passenger information boarding the vehicles in the form of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) using a proximity card. Determine if the drivers are authorized to drive the vehicles.

Obtain instant lot information on the crate inventory.

Determine stopping times of drivers.

Determine route diversions.

Guide drivers to alternate locations.

Expeditiously reroute shipments based upon content.

Verify shipment content.