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There are many benefits that will come to your company by choosing to use Reltronics Smart Instrument as your fleet tracking system, these include.


Combines GPS and Wireless technologies, allowing you to see in real time the item you are tracking.

Summons Ambulance, Police or Fire Truck (with the panic button feature).

Provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports (Providing you with the data of the positions of what you were tracking for the day, week and month).

Enables purchase efficiency.

Ascertains cost-effective maintenance (With the engine diagnostic sensor which lets you know when your vehicle is in need of repairs).

Closely monitors movement (showing you in real time the movement of what you are tracking).

Optimizes fuel consumption.

Can help you decipher difference in vehicles (each vehicle will have its own # and color when viewed on the map).

Can fence-in an fence-out vehicles ( you can set perimeters on the map where you do or don’t want vehicles to go and if they enter that area you will receive an alert, also if they leave and area you don’t want them to you will also get an alert).

Allows lock-in/lock-out feature (you can remotely lock or unlock a vehicle from your computer).

Sends you event signals (a break in or theft of a vehicle).

Comes with reliable technical support.

Is portable and can easily be reinstalled to a different vehicle with no charge.