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Reltronics Technologies offer the asset management system based upon ReALTrack framework.  The ReALTrack-AMS is a real-time asset and inventory monitoring and management application, which simplifies the asset management process by congregating and managing associated information regarding the assets in a timely and efficient manner.  ReALTrack-AMS records asset and inventory movements automatically or manually, and provides updated data in real time which is accurate thus enabling an organization manage its assets and inventory with automated information updates as opposed to maintaining a physical inventory.  The outcome is a reduced overall asset base with improved asset utilization, increased productivity, purchase efficiency and maintenance, contributing to enhancement. This provides a sustainable upgrade in profitability reducing the cumbersome task of having employees handle excessive controls and maintaining reports.  ReALTrack AMS ensures effective asset management round the clock, where employees constantly have equipment, tools and other resources when required. Assets are tracked and the information delivered includes its associations, visitors, their assets, lost assets, unused assets etc. Closely monitored information includes movement, its association, and maintaining records meticulously while integrating business policies.


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